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With the help of the planBIM Revit plugin, take your BIM workflows to the next level. This plugin provides Autodesk® Revit® users with various productivity enhancements and acts as a tool for better BIM Management. Users can connect to their BIM data on the planBIM cloud directly using the planBIM Revit plugin.




Visually classify elements inside your models according to Level of Detail (LOD), Level of Information (LOI) and Level of accuracy (LOA) as per the Scope defined in planBIM (

The user can view the LOD Specification for a specific category in Revit by merely clicking on a relevant element in the model space. The specification gives an idea of the LOD, LOI, LOA as well as the parameters that need inclusion in the Revit element.

There is also functionality to associate a family or family type of selected element to a scope specified in planBIM. Using this plugin, the BIM team can stay on top of the modelled elements and their respective LOD in a Revit file.




Access all your Revit family libraries on the cloud and insert them in your projects. View which families are approved and which ones rejected by your BIM Managers.


BIM Managers also have the ability to track who downloaded which objects using our web app in conjunction.

Since this app retrieves data from planBIM, the user must have an account on the app and create a project in their workspace and then login into the planBIM plugin in Revit. You would need to have the access level of an 'Editor' or a 'Manager' of the project in the app. You cannot access free workspaces in planBIM plugin.

You can read detailed help on the following link as well:


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Versão 1.1.0, 08/03/2020
Our 1.1.0 release includes a refreshed UI for the entire plugin and added functionality for Scoper and Content modules.

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  • Excellent app for BIM engineers
    kapish patel | março 16, 2020

    This app is very helpful for engineers in designing and managing the whole project properly. Totally impressed by their work. Great job team... 

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