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Voyansi Tools

Voyansi Tools are a set of practical tools addressing some simple gaps and tedious operations when modeling in Autodesk® Revit®. Voyansi Tools are categorized into three basic types:

  • Modeling Tools - modify families in the model
  • Calculation Tools - modify family parameter values
  • Scheduling Tools - assign properties to assist in schedule generation


Tools that modify family parameter values (for example, the interior surface area of a wall), assign parameter values without modification of the actual family instance (wall).

Access to Voyansi Tools in Revit is found under File-> Options-> Voyansi Tools.

Voyansi Tools currently supports Revit 2021, 2022, and 2023.


Modeling Tools:

Window Inheritance Of Exterior Wall Orientation

When inserting a window the user may select whether the orientation of the window must inherit or may be free from the orientation of the host wall in order to prevent a window from having its gutter towards the interior of the building

Default Wall Join (None, Butt, Miter, Square Off)

When creating walls Revit defaults the wall join style to Butt. This tool allows the user to set the default wall join mode to None, Butt, Miter or Square Off joins. Each wall created will be joined to the following ones with the selected join type.

Alignment/Rotation of Text Notes

This tool allows the user to rotate the Text Notes to a specified angle or to align the Text Notes with linear elements (walls, slab edges, lines, etc). The selection may be applied to an individual Text Note or to multiple selected Text Notes.


Calculation Tools:

Area of Wall Exterior and Interior Surfaces

When calculating a wall’s surface area, Revit’s default behavior is to assign the greater of the values of the exterior or interior surface area of the wall as the indicated wall area. When this tool is active two parameters are created with the individual areas of both surfaces which may be used to define the exterior and interior finish areas for a wall.

Areas of Stairways, Runs, and Landings

This tool provides the area in the horizontal projection of a stairway, runs, and/or landings. When this tool is active a parameter is created with the area in horizontal projection.

Metal Component Parameters (Weight, Section Perimeter, Surface Area)

This tool populates up to three parameters with the data of Weight, Section Perimeter and Surface Area of each metallic component for each element of the categories:

  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Steel Trusses
  • Rebar
  • Structural Connections
  • Structural Stiffeners


Roof Dimensions (Ridge, Hip, Valley, Eaves, Perimeter, Rake, Sidewall and Headwall Flashing)

For each roof and in their respective parameters, the tool provides the total lengths of:

  • Ridges - The total length of the Ridges on the roof. Note that Hips with a slope less than 1/10 are also considered Ridges.
  • Hips - The total length of the Hips of the roof. Note that Hips with a slope less than 1/10 are considered Ridges.
  • Valleys - The total length of the Valleys of the roof.
  • Eaves - The total length of horizontal Eaves of the roof.
  • Perimeter - The total length of the Perimeter of the edge of the roof, including the actual sloped edge length.
  • Rake - The total length of the Rakes of the roof, including actual sloped edge length.
  • Sidewall Flashing - The total length of the intersections of the Roof and the Sidewalls or other vertical elements against the roof. Only sloped intersections are calculated.
  • Headwall Flashing - The total length of the intersections of the Roof and the Headwalls or other vertical elements against the roof. Only horizontal intersections are calculated. 


Scheduling Tools:

Door Swing Direction (Left, Right, Both)

A Project Parameter for the Door Category is created in the active project, indicating the door swing direction for each door instance - Right, Left, or Both.

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Versão 1.0.2, 12/10/2022
Version 1.0.2 Release - Minor adjustments to Voyansi Revit Menu

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    Daniel Biagi | setembro 07, 2022

    We are not only the developers, but we are also the users. With a 200 people staff working with Revit models, these tools came in very handy. We got tons of positive feedback from our internal users. Highly recommended!

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