Smart Annotation (MEP)

Smart Annotation (MEP)

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Smart Annotation is an AI-powered Autodesk® Revit® add-in to automate annotating and documentation process of the drawings. The AI algorithm behind the app places tags in their preferred positions and aligns them with other tags without overlapping with other elements in the document. 

Due to the nature of documentation and the variety of options to document drawings, the Smart Annotation app is highly customizable and provides a user-friendly interface for the users to arrange and annotate drawings to their standards.

Now you can use Smart annotation to tag Fabrication parts in Revit. 

Also, you can use the Smart annotation app to read all the part parameters and link them live to your shared parameters. 

*** Currently we only support MEP documentation. We are working on the architectural package and will release it soon ****


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Versão 1.20.4, 21/03/2024
- Nested family tagging is now supported - Assembly tagging is not supported - Reported issues are fixed

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  • Works well with not too busy areas
    Anton Ramenskiy | abril 07, 2024

    I like this tool. I has lots of different settings, so you can set it up as per your specific requirements quite easily. The only thing that i dont like is that it takes quite a while to process request on a server. I wonder if it would be possible to offload trained model from the server to a user computer. Many of us have powerfull computers with decent specs.

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