Revision Cloud Schedule

Revision Cloud Schedule

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Schedule and add remarks to your Autodesk® Revit® revision clouds with our Revision Cloud Scheduling tool. Using the default Revit revision clouds, this tool can create a schedule and export to Excel so that no revision gets left behind and untracked. 


Control which revision clouds make the schedule by marking issued in the Sheets and Revisions Manager.

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Versão 0.1.2, 10/12/2020
Features added: - Highlight in Revit view - Refresh schedule - Export PDF - Open Revit Issues/Revisions from schedule window

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  • Simple way to schedule revision clouds and export to excel
    Michael Kipfer | outubro 02, 2020

    Revit has needed this forever. Our architecture and interior design firm uses this to track revision clouds for internal coordination and external addendums / bulletins. The general contractors love it too because it schedules the revision clouds' location for easy referencing to comments and revisions on the sheets. it even exports to excel so one can use it as a narrative for changes per issuance. 

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