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Make your contemporary interior design more realistic and easier to create with the Mosa Pattern Generator. The Mosa Pattern Generator allows you to make endless combinations with new and existing walls and floor patterns. You are free to choose from all available formats, grids, textures, and colors. The patterns can be fully integrated into standard design and construction software packages. Your sketch is instantly transformed into a feasible and personalized design.

Whether your design is complex or simple, geometric or rhythmic, or demure or bold: whatever the room calls for, you can adjust and compare patterns and even adjust tiles individually. The designs can be easily exported to SketchUp, Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Revit®, and other BIM and CAD software. This makes it even easier to present your ideas in an attractive and appealing way.

The Mosa Pattern Generator precisely calculates the amount, format, and percentages of the required tiles. It also generates a working plan with instructions for the tiler. Moreover, it combines the latest modern web-based techniques, allowing you to work in real-time. A floor or wall can be drawn into a photograph and includes that realistic gloss.

The Mosa Converter lets you import the information from the Mosa Pattern Generator directly into your Revit model. All dimensional, visual, and technical data is imported at once and with a few steps your tile surface is set up and you are ready to create floors and walls into your model. All basic information is included in the system family, and all other information is available via the link in the system parameters.

About Mosa:
As a Dutch tile manufacturer with over 130 years of experience, Mosa offers unique and distinct tile concepts for walls, floors, facades, and terraces. With it's high-quality and aesthetically pleasing tiles, Mosa contributes to the architectural designs of today and tomorrow. Innovation and design are its core values. In addition, Mosa is committed to upholding sustainable design and production practices based on Cradle to Cradle principles.

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Versão 2.2.0, 01/07/2022
This second version of the app allows you to import every generated tile surface from the Mosa Pattern Generator and Surface Viewer into Revit 2021, 2022 and 2023. With the imported .zip file the Mosa Converter knows whether the tile surface is suitable for wall and/or floor. An additional glue layer can be added if required. All general information can be found in the system parameters, and with a simple link to the Mosa Pattern Generator you can get more information and make adjustments to your custom made patterns if necessary. The tool now supports both the metric and the imperial system

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  • didnt install
    ahmed ageil | novembro 07, 2023 Download confirmado (O que é isto?)

    running revit 2024 installed the plug-in by the installer and opened revit noting there 

  • Perfect
    Lourens Smids | julho 06, 2017

    Works easy and good.

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