Autodesk®Vault®2020Add-in Update 1 for SOLIDWORKS®

Autodesk®Vault®2020Add-in Update 1 for SOLIDWORKS®

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Autodesk® Vault® Professional Add-In for SOLIDWORKS® is for customers who are migrating to Autodesk Solutions or customers with a multi CAD environment where Autodesk Vault Professional is used as their Data Management solution.


Using this app, SOLIDWORKS files can be stored, maintained, updated and version-controlled in Autodesk Vault Professional along with other files from Autodesk applications. This allows a group of users to work concurrently on designs without the fear of overwriting modified files or working on the wrong version of a design.

With the release of Vault 2020, we upgraded the SOLIDWORKS Vault add-in. 


We heard your performance concerns from earlier releases. The Vault add-in for SOLIDWORKS has been entirely re-written, and it is fast. Operations like Open From Vault, Check out are faster from earlier releases.


In other words, if you are using to Vault with Autodesk® Inventor® and/or Autodesk® AutoCAD®, you will get almost the same speed with Vault and SOLIDWORKS. 


New with the release of the improved add-in, we can extract Bill of Materials (assemblies) and Cut List (Structural Part) from SOLIDWORKS. 

This release of the app enables you to manage your SOLIDWORKS 2019, 2018 and 2017 files using Autodesk Vault Professional 2020.


Known Issue: This app is targeted at small, moderate complexity assemblies. 

Informationen zu dieser Version

Version, 09.07.2021
Update 1 version of Vault 2020 add-in. This Update 1 contains the following enhancements. Performance Improvements We improved performance when creating DWF during Check in and using the Job Processor Open/Place From Vault Improvements You can now use the ‘Refresh From Vault’ command. Improved BOM Extraction BOM position numbering is now supported. General Enhancements Issues with ‘File Edit’ and ‘On File Close’ prompts were fixed.

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  • solid works 2017 file check in issue
    Sudhakar N J | August 24, 2021



    I have installed the addin Autodesk vault 2020 for solid works. But i could not check in the solid works file created in 2017 using vault 2020. Could you please let me know how to sort this issue.




    Senthil Kumar (Herausgeber) | August 24, 2021

    Hi Sudhakar I would recommend you to contact Autodesk Support Team to look into your problem. Thanks.

  • Solidworks 2020
    Milan Minnen | April 01, 2020

    Some of our users want to start using Solidworks 2020, so hopefully there'll be SW 2020 compatibility. Otherwise we have no use in upgrading Vault tot 2020 as 2019 is also SW 2019 compatible.

    Senthil Kumar (Herausgeber) | April 02, 2020

    Hi, We may support SolidWorks 2020 in the upcoming 2021 release of Add-in. That is the current plan.

  • Revision table can't integrated in solidworks
    Akhid Rosyidi | Februar 11, 2020

    Hi the important things of using PDM is controlling the revision.
    but, sadly this functionality is not available.

    please add this functionality soon as possible.

    Senthil Kumar (Herausgeber) | Februar 12, 2020

    Hi, Please log this request in Vault Ideas forum. Thanks.

  • Updated for SolidWorks 2020
    JEREMY DANIELS | Januar 29, 2020

    When can we expect a release that will support SolidWorks 2020?

    Senthil Kumar | Februar 03, 2020

    Hi, We do not have any plan to support SolidWorks 2020 with Vault Pro 2020. We might support SolidWorks 2020 with Future release of Vault.

  • Vault Browser tab missing
    JEREMY DANIELS | Januar 29, 2020

    I would like to reiterate the importance from my view of using the Vault Browser within SolidWorks.


    The Vault bowser tree is a very important feature that gives more accurate data on the status of files in Vault through SolidWorks. Some status info isn't recognized in Vault until for example you initiate a state change. In Vault the status glyph may show that everything is happy, but when initiating a state change you in fact have files that "are not the latest" when moving assemblies through lifecycles. The Vault brower within the apps (SolidWorks namely in this instance) will tell you that there is an issue. Without the browser, users are blind to any problems on the app side.


    I stated this in my comments of the last release and it appears it has not made it back into the release. PLEASE add this back to the add-in. I use this daily when i am in SolidWorks and Inventor alike.

  • Vault Browser
    Bruno Milano | Dezember 19, 2019

    Sorry, but Vault Browser in to SolidWorks is deleted from this version of plugin?


    Senthil Kumar (Herausgeber) | Dezember 20, 2019

    Bruno, Vault Browser is not available for this new rewritten add-in. But you can always use Vault Client to check the Status. Thanks.

    Bruno Milano | Januar 22, 2020

    Thank you Senthil, another question: when assign\update item from solidworks assembly, the item bom not is created. It is a bug? Thank you.

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